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About Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the countries of Southeast Asia on the Indochinese mainland.

Population: 16.49 million (2019)
Capital: Phnom Penh
Language: Khmer (major language)
Government: Constitutional monarchy operated as a parliamentary representative
Currency: Cambodian Riel ($1 U.S Dollar = 4060 Cambodian Riel)
Religion: Buddhism (96%), Islam (2%)

Cambodia has tropical weather and is warm throughout the entire year. There are two major seasons: dry and rainy season. November through May is the dry season, and from June to October is the rainy season. The total land area is estimated at over 18 million hectares, and about 15% of the land is used for agriculture such as rice farming.

Cambodians are predominantly Theravada or Hinayana Buddhist. Buddhism is a national tradition, with a bureaucracy and a written tradition. Religious beliefs have influence on law and policies. Buddhist culture tends to encourage deference to authority and the acceptance of one’s place in the hierarchy of Cambodian society. Cambodia has the most extensive concentration of religious temples in the world, Angkor Wat.

Cambodia ranks in the top ten most welcoming countries for foreign residents, and they tend to have a strong sense of attachment to members of their extended family, close neighbors and friends.

Our goal for the Banyan Tree Clinic is providing equal health system strengthening to existing clinics and building new clinics where needed in rural communities in Cambodia. Our goal is starting with Cambodia and we want to expand to other nations based on need. Everyone’s support is important to improve the public healthcare system in rural communities.